Cypress Gardens Engagement Session - Tyara and Quinn

Charleston SC has to be one of my all time favorite cities to work in. There's just so much to use during our photo shoots. One particular location is Cypress Gardens. Home to many alligators, bugs and more I'm sure. These gardens have been used in many movies, with one that springs to mind - The Notebook.

I met Tyara and Quinn, with Tyara's mother at Cypress Gardens. It was misty, humid afternoon, with a huge tropical storm en route to hit the city later that day. These guys were troopers, and the misty day didn't stop them one bit. If my clients are game, I am too. We had a blast and got creative.

Finishing off the shoot at a very popular steak house in downtown Charleston called Halls Chophouse. The shoot at the steak house was 1940s theme idea that the couple had. When I met them there, I had no idea how much work they'd put into it until I saw them all dressed up. So cool, it was awesome.

Locations visited on this session: