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Mountain View Farm Wedding - Jessica and Michael

This is one amazing venue, a short drive north of Durham in a town called Rougemont, NC. It's a farm setting, with wide open fields, horses, a barn and covered dance floor. It has that vintage, rustic meet country farm feel. We love photographing at this venue for all the portrait opportunities. The sunsets over the lake are just stunning too,

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Downtown Wilmington Engagement Session - Jessica and Michael

I met Jessica and Michael the following day after Jessica's bridal session at Port City Java in downtown Wilmington for their engagement session. The sofa that was used for Jessica's bridal session was bought down to Wilmington for some portraits near the beach.

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Mountain View Farm Bridal Session - Jessica and Michael

This is one amazing venue, situated a little of Durham in Rougemont, NC. It can handle many sizes of event or weddings. With wide open fields, horses, a lake, beautiful trees, a barn and canopy. The farm, rustic, vintage feel to this venue are some of the attributes it has to offer. I was blown away.

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