Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship Wedding - Katie and Ren

After photographing Katie's bridal session at Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship a few weeks prior to their wedding day. I knew we were in for a wonderful experience and could not wait to get started. Knowing the couple over the proceeding year, I knew there was going to be a lot of details and a lot of family warmth, and a sense of community. It was all of that and much more.

I met Katie at Ren's parents home for the details and getting ready candid portraits. This is always an amazing time, with excitement and energy in no short supply. It had been a rainy season and today was no exception. With a tropical looming over us, no one was slowed down and really did not think about it.

On arriving at Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship, we immediately got started on capturing details, along with candid portraits and candid moments as they occurred. There was a free spirit to the day and fellowship.

Venue and vendors at this wedding: