Old Sheldon Church Ruins Bridal Session - Heather and Matt

Whilst in discussion for possible locations with Heather about bridal session, it turned out that she loved Old Sheldon Church Ruins SC. Oddly enough this is a location I've photographed at many times and know it really well. It is an old church, originally made from brick and wood. Now the wood has gone, leaving just the walls and pillars. The church is found in the middle of a thick forest a little off I-95 near Old Sheldon Church. 

On arriving we got started and not soon after we noticed the trees were blowing around like crazy. Checking the weather.com app we could clearly see we were in the middle of a horse shoe shaped storm system. There was shear energy around us and you could feel it. Quickly squeezing in a few more portraits before dashing to the cars to take cover. An hour later, we got started again. It was still drizzling a little, but Heather was keen to get her portraits done. We made the most of the opportunities and totally enjoyed using a black umbrella in the portraits. I just love them.

Heather had also the dream of using a tree swing. We researched like crazy but could not find one in the area. So, she had one made and bought it with her. On finding a strong and worthy tree nearby, we attached the tree swing. I loved this tree for the shape of swooping branch. Could not have asked for a more perfect shape.

Locations visited on this session: