Rome Italy Engagement Session - Jane and Chris

When it was decided that Chris and Jane's sessions would be in Europe, I was ecstatic for the opportunity! After we made the decision, we embarked on weeks of meetings filled with planning and strategizing. From styles to locations to hotels – there was so much to think about!


After their wedding in Chapel Hill, I said my good byes, and next time I saw them, we were in Rome! We started on the engagement session the next day, walking around Rome and getting caught out in the rain. Nothing beats the experience of standing under a doorway opening at night in front of the Vatican waiting for the rain to stop. It was honestly breathtaking. 

I've said it before, but it makes such a difference when a couple is willing to work with you. Jane and Chris were game for anything, whether it was standing in the middle of a busy road near the Colosseum or climbing on top of walls. It made for some fantastic and adventurous shots!


We caught the train to Florence from Rome, with all of the clothes for outfit changes. This location became a day-after shoot and what better, more romantic location than Florence. Everywhere you look is history and beauty. It's a picture perfect place.

It wasn't all easy going, though. We got completely lost in heading back to the train station (the tasty pizza didn't help).  We were so late we missed the last train. Sitting at the McDonalds expresso bar, we researched and debated options. With a 7 am flight the next day to Paris, we had no options but to get a taxi back to Rome. Yes, a taxi!

It took 3.5 hrs to drive back and came to about $800.00. I'll never forget sitting in the taxi, as the driver was texting and driving off the road. It was definitely an experience!


We made it to Paris, and after a brief cat nap hit the streets. What a truly beautiful and romantic city. Our day-after shoot started at sunset into the night. The city is a magical buzz of activity at night. Love was in the air!

On the second day in Paris, we took the metro to a public park. The park was packed with local Parisians enjoying the warm Sunday weather. We scouted out the shoot location and then began, surrounded by a lot of people. It was a little bit like doing a photoshoot in the middle of a music festival. There were people everywhere, but it just added to the excitement.


Returning to Rome, we caught the train to Venice, and were soon walking around this majestic floating city. Venice became the location for a bridal session and an engagement session. I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot, and had spent time visualizing the images I wanted to capture. You always get more than you plan for with historic locations, but that's just another exciting part of this job!

One of the coolest things happened in both Florence and Venice. Locals and tourists alike would gather around while I was shooting Jane and Chris, and the crowd would start snapping pictures, too! They asked if we were shooting for a magazine. It definitely added to the feel of glamour and celebrity.

It was an amazing experience! Thank you so much to the amazing couple, Jane and Chris Banks, for the opportunity. Here's to many more!