Best Engagement Session Ideas

So it's time to plan your engagement session!

I personally love doing engagement sessions. It allows the couple and I to spend an hour or two getting to know one another on a day where there are no stresses, no distractions or expectations. An engagement session is a time to have fun with your future significant other, dress up and create some awesome pictures.

But where do you start?

My recommendations are always:

  1. Wear outfits that show off your personalities. It's all about the details, so shoes and jewelry are key. More than one outfit is always a good idea too. Allow me to help you in selecting the right look for the images to get the best results. We offer pre-engagement session styling meetings at the studio. Bring your outfits along and I can style the shoot for you

  2. Choose a location or two that are different. Having more than one location will help express your personalities and what your relationship means to each other. The locations should be places that mean something to you and make you feel great! If you can’t think of any locations, think of places that you would love to use and to create special memories at. I do offer pre-engagement session styling meetings at the studio, where I can help you locate the perfect places for your shoot.

  3. Choosing the right photographer is key. You should be looking at the photographers previous work and seeing a consistent style through the images. It is also important to notice if they are good with natural light, and off-camera flash too. Most photographers offer an engagement session with their wedding packages. Using the same photographer for both your engagement session, bridal session and wedding day allows you to have a consistent look, and feel to all the pictures.

  4. When you look at a photographers previous work, can you imagine yourself in the images? It’s a funny question, but the reality is most of us do not feel that way… how can I look that good, they must be models. All the work on this website are taken by me and are real clients. It is my job to make you look crazy good!

  5. Do you have a dog? If you are like me, you’ll have 3 dogs and 2 cats! If you do have a dog, ask the photographer if you can incorporate them into your engagement session. I always ask my clients if they would like to do that and if it is something they would like to do, I always recommend having somebody on hand that can help them with their dog.

  6. Do you have a child or children? Your engagement session is a wonderful time to have the first family portrait. Ask your photographer if this is possible. I always jump at this opportunity, as I know it is important to couples. I would recommend having somebody help out, depending upon the age group. I always mix the engagement session up too, with a few of just the couple and then a few with their kid(s). Helps to keep everybody involved and keep the fun going too.

  7. Rain or bad weather! What is the plan if it rains, snows or some other bad weather event. You should ask the photographer what they plan to do and how they handle it. I personally watch the weather forecasts and will contact the couple well before any predicted bad weather event and if needed we will reschedule at no cost. If it’s a destination engagement session, I have the day scheduled for the engagement session and will coordinate with the couple to move the shoot to a different start time. In one particular scenario we moved the location from the beach to the mountains.

  8. What happens after the engagement session? Ask you photographer before the engagement session or right afterwards what the next steps are. I will tell the couple during a consultation, before the shoot and after the shoot the next steps. I believe that knowing all the details and having a schedule is key to happiness. A few weeks following my engagement sessions, I will have the couple come into the studio for their viewing. The images are projected onto a 100” screen, and it feels like you’re at the movies. It’s fun, relaxed and a great time to get the pictures the couple wants.

  9. How fast are the images edited? The photographer should know how long it takes to get the images edited. They may do the edits themselves, or have somebody at the studio do it for them. At my studio I have a professional editor who will edit all of the images within a week of the engagement session. I love to edit too, so I will usually select a few images and do an enhanced edit to make them looking better than life.

  10. How many images are taken on the engagement session? This is always a key question I get asked and a sensible question too. Personally, I will take as many as needed. Which is usually 200-300 on a typically 1-2 hour engagement session. Destination engagement sessions, which can be longer in time, usually will result in more images. Once the images have been edited, the number will be closer to 75 to 150 images. It will be the best images from the engagement session only.